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17 April 2012 @ 07:39 pm
Fanmix : Scott Pilgrim : . . . But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough!  
Title: . . . But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough!
Fandom: Scott Pilgrim series
Subject: Scott/Ramona

. . . But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough!
[ a Scott/Ramona mix ]

     another stupid saturday, the conversation starts to slur
and some sasquatch wookie-boner spilled his mad dog down  my shirt.
there's a party-thumpin', booty-humpin' music-wagon in my head.
my friends passed out or disappeared all leaving me banana red.
    i'm in love with the girl in the other room.
ten feet away, but i hit the moon
with glitter in the air, it's so easy to see
that she's gotta marry someone and it might be me.

    two. SHE COMES TO ME IN DREAMS great lake swimmers
    she comes to me in dreams.
in love with your vision,
show me where to sign on.
when i saw you wholly,
light exploded in me.

    three. HUM ALONG ludo
    you'll never hear this song.
you'll never see the movie in my head.
but you infest my sleep,
and your figure creeps
through my walls and hums above my bed.
i know your name, and that you're photogenic and tall,
but i've never heard you talk.
and there's something about you
that stabs me right through.

    four. TROUBLE never shout never
    i'm in trouble, i'm an addict,
i'm addicted to this girl.
she's got my heart tied in a knot
and my stomach in a whirl,
but even worse, i can't stop callin' her.
she's all i want and more.
i mean, damn, what's not to adore?
i been playin' too much guitar.
i been listenin' to jazz.
i called so many times,
i swear she's goin' mad
and that cellular
will be the death of us, i swear.

    five. KICK DRUM HEART the avett brothers
    the footprints over the snow,
the fabric of all the lonely,
c-covering only the fables and hands.
the rest is out in the cold,
holding the last of the season,
f-f-f freezin'.
    my my my heart like a kick drum,
my, my heart like a kick drum,
my, my heart like a kick drum,
my love like a voice.

    i want a girl who gets up early.
i want a girl who stays up late.
i want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity,
who uses a machete to cut through red tape,
with fingernails that shine like justice
and a voice that is dark like tinted glass.

    seven. BREATHLESS dan wilson
    but you were always pretty reckless with your love.
come with the sun and get it restless when it's gone.
and when you go you leave me breathless and alone.
you leave me breathless when you close the door,
it feels like you took the air out of the room with you.

    eight. TELL ME good old war
    i know the way you look.
you don't want to say what you're thinking.
your eyes, they start to roll when you're holding back.
and i used to blame myself,
but there must be other serious reasons
why the devil's in your voice when you start to laugh.
    there's a hole in this story.
there is something that i haven't seen,
and for now, you want to keep it to yourself,
but if you're lonely, tell me.

    nine. I NEED A BREAK. . . BUT I'D RATHER HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH the rocket summer
 i don't know anymore.
what am i waiting for?
i know, i know i'm giving it all i have.
i want, i want to give up so bad.
how come i keep on running?
but i feel it coming, i feel it coming on.
    i need a break, but i'd rather have a breakthrough.
i'm losing my sleep running after you.
but still, i'd rather have a breakthrough,
so i don't stop making moves.
i need a break, but i'd rather have a breakthrough.
i'm tripping on hurdles running after you.

    ten. 4 A.M. CONVERSATION 1997
    say i'm immature, that i hide behind a mask.
( you know that i'm right. )
i'd rather run away then give this love a chance.
    i'm doing the best, doing the best that i can.
( no you're not, you're just like the rest, just like the rest of them. )

    eleven. THE SOUR & THE SWEET forgive durden
    i'll sing until this dream loses grip,
my faith dashed to bits.
how far will i have to fall before you realize you've fallen for me too?
i'll spill my heart through this pen.
you'll be my end.
    i hate how you refuse to let go.
i hate how you're everything i want and need.
i hate how you hold back.
i hate how your lips graze mine so softly.
i hate how beautiful you look in the rain.
i hate how you were made for me.

    twelve. CRAWL two tongues
    wait, don't go with him.
slay the hole within.
i crave your holiday,
so take me far away.
    leave me, let me stay asleep 'cause i don't care.
i won't wait for you to believe our love is here.
    you can crawl right into me,
in your bed when you just can't sleep.
you can crawl right into me.

   thirteen. SHAMELESS say anything
    just scream this in defiance
from the bottom of your lungs.
what ever happened to the rock 'n roll in your eyes?
oh, i know it's somewhere in you
underneath the veil of lies.
oh, why do you hide them,
your rock and roll eyes?
they're crazy.
    eardrums are like elephants – they don't forget the things they hear,
and veins still carry fragments of the things fed to your ear.
let me do the honors and welcome you back to mankind.
just turn on the stereo and unwind.
it goes "i will always love you."

    fourteen. NEW PERSPECTIVE panic! at the disco
    taking everything for granted,
but we still respect the time.
we move along with some new passion,
knowing everything is fine.
    more to the point, i need to show
how much i can come and go.
other plans fell through
and put a heavy load on you, i know.
there's no more than need be said
when i'm inching through your bed.
take a look around instead
and watch me go.
stop there, and let me correct it.
i wanna live a life from a new perspective.

preview on grooveshark
download zip.

please comment if you take~
clewilanclewilan on May 21st, 2012 02:55 pm (UTC)
I got a "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service." :(
But this sounds really interesting so I'll take a look on grooveshark!

Cat - [songstress]gemtiger on May 21st, 2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
It works if you take away the anonym.to part before the mediafire URL :)
clewilanclewilan on May 21st, 2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
I didn't even notice you put one, I'm sorry ! Downloading it now :D
That need in order to published on @fanmiw is quite annoying or is it just me ?
itstaysgolditstaysgold on May 21st, 2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
that's weird, i wonder why :/
if you still can't get it to work, i'll put up an alternate link.
hope you enjoy anyway c:
clewilanclewilan on May 21st, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
It's working now, sorry for the mess !
itstaysgolditstaysgold on May 21st, 2012 03:24 pm (UTC)
not a problem : D
Cat - [songstress]gemtiger on May 21st, 2012 02:57 pm (UTC)
Very suitable for these two, I think! :)
itstaysgold: simba & mufasaitstaysgold on May 21st, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
thanks :D